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Just posting a couple white Phrags and one orange one. The orange one is Scarlett O'Hara.

I'll get the names of the white ones tomorrow. They are indeed that white.
The the second one is about the whitest Phrag that I have seen.

I am crazy about besseae so I love the white one that looks like a besseae.




wow! I am speechless! Those two white phrags are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! :D:drool:
John told me what they are and the first one is incredible [April Fool [Cardinale [Sedenii [longifolium x schlimii] x schlimii]] x besseae] x besseae flavum]! And the cost of the second one! :drool:
Are they from OZ?
Please confirm names
Thanks for sharing wonderful pics
Yes, they're from OZ. The other one is pearcei x St. Ouen. It is about the best one of the lot shape-wise.
So Eric, did you find out which one is for sale yet?
Or this is just dangling couple canaries with the tag "not for sale" in front of the ***** cats.:rollhappy::rollhappy:
Eric is correct on the parentage. And they aren't for sale. Eric suggested that I cross them, which believe me, I tried and I am still trying.
They are indeed from OZ. I visit OZ about once a month. These are about the best that I have seen in terms of white.
One other thing about whites is that the lack of color can depend on temp, as those who grow Phrags would understand. I have bought plants with white flowers, had the temperature go down and then have the next buds open with a strong pink blush. The two I show here don't appear to get a blush when the temp goes down.
From my perspective, I prefer the one that looks like a besseae.
All the best,

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