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Jun 8, 2006
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San Diego, CA Zone 11a
Thanks, Dot.

I remember exactly when this happened, actually. I was manning the booth and slouching over some species cymbidium information while Glenn Lehr was taking a short break. I heard the dreaded sound of a shutter being released without my prior knowledge, and a pleasant woman announced that she’d taken my photo and wanted to know who I was. I gave her my name, told her it was the New World Orchids booth, and that I was helping my friend and displaying my art as well—I handed her both of our business cards that were sitting in front of the choice Asian plants you see in the foreground. I told Glenn about it when he got back thinking nothing of it, but now I can see I’d better send him a warning email before he gets back from his current speaking engagement! I suppose I got focused on (literally and figuratively) because I was the only one there, and because both the plants and the art were unique.