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Europe, Paph. tigrinum in bud, and more...

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John Boy

Hiya guys,
just a quick thumbs up from me:

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be moving house in a short while, which basically boils down to... cutting down on my collection. Since I won't have the time to "forum-trade" or mess about for ever...I'll be selling off things via Ebay in Germany.

There'll be sets, Jp's, flasks and some other bits and bobs.

This will be a very though time for me, so any support or back-up would mean the world. I can't keep everything, though I'll be keeping the treasures. I'll probably continue posting links within here, just to keep you posted and in the loop...

This is my intro-plant (yes, I'm nuts, I know that!)

As you can tell: This is too much!

Any Slippertalker buying whatever via Ebay, and tells me about it afterward, will have the option to pay the money either into Slippertalk him-/herself, or I'll do it for them, afterwards.
Thank you so much! The hardest part really is cutting back on orchids, but...I'll be getting a nice garden, with room for.....(madmadmad!!!)
It's always a trade off isn't it? Are you moving to a different country that you cannot bring your plants with you?
Sorry guys, there won't be a list as such, I'll just put up, whatever I pick up in the conservatory... There are no Paphiopedilum Flasks at this time, so: calm yourselfs ;0)
Good luck with the sale John Boy, I've put your E-bay offers in my bookmarks toolbar. Includes a few Ebay vendors I know that I check every day. :)
You'll be watched :)

Anyway, in case I buy, my nick on ebay is the same as here.:evil:
Good to know! Just Incase you, or anyone, is looking for anything special...drop me a note . I'll be selling/putting up a few young Bulb. beccarii later tonight I think.
Saw that the auctions ended, can we expect more in the coming period or are you not quite happy with the results?