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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
This one is growing in high light inside the greenhouse in s/h. It's a much nicer blooming as it's gotten larger. The flowers are large, probably 4" x 5". Blasted 3 of the 6 buds on it, though. :mad:

At least you have 3, which makes a nice impression!
How spectacular had all 6 made it!
Candace, what would be the cross on this one and where did you purchase it? I love white and green blooms. I have many angraecums for that very reason.
Thanks, all. Carol, I got it probably 3-4 years ago on ebay(before ebay was such a vendor haven). I don't remember from who, but I don't think they sell anymore. I'd have to look up the cross and my Wildcatt version is ancient. Maybe someone with OrchidWiz could look it up for you...
Surprisingly, my Wildcatt had it listed it's C. Intermediette x Epi. mariae. It's an old cross, registered in 1973.
there was supposed to be a comma there indicating the plant being pretty and not me commenting on Candace being pretty. Though I'm sure you are :)

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