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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
With the help of my wife, I was recently able to arrange to have Ernie of EnLightened Orchids fly in a give my 2 orchid societies a talk. I've only been to his first talk, but let me tell you he is a very good speaker. Tomorrow, I'll be picking him up and bringing him to my second orchid club for a different talk. If any clubs out there are looking for speakers, may I suggest Ernie. The biggest problem that might arise is for Ernie to find time in his busy schedule to come out and give you a talk.

Ernie did preorders as well as brought a great selection of paphs. to sell. I preordered and still ended up buying one more plant to bring home. All his plants were in great shape and a couple were even in bud.

Anyone looking for a good vendor or speaker, here is your guy!!!
Thanks for having me Bob!!! Had a great time- that's a beautiful part of the country. NorthEast NY and Mid-Hudson OSs are first-class clubs. Bob's an excellent grower too. Has a wonderful semi-hydro collection of parvis, brachys and lotsa other nifty Paphs plus stunning Vandas. He's one of the "go to guys" for those clubs too and needs to be applauded- we all know how much work that is!!!

You stinkers in Mass. I'm at home now. Woulda gladly made it a three club trip!!! Oh well, ran out of plants anyway. The new checked baggage limits top you off at two boxes 62" (l+w+h). Never been to Mass. Keep me in mind for your next opening, eh...

Heather or any other clubs within reasonable driving distance we should talk and set up some group speaking engagements. It's not to early to start planning for next year.

Ernie, we enjoyed having you here and hope to have you back some day. Really, had a good time.

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