Disappointment! Paph It's Doll (malipoense x St Swithin)

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L I Jane

This just bloomed for me for the 1st time & the pouch is so puckered.I do hope that it's only a first time blooming anomoly & that next time it will be fine as it wasn't a cheapie (at least for me).There's only one bloom.I think this was formed before our 100 degree heatwave but who knows that may have affected it.:sob:
Don't give up hope yet. I am guessing that the 100 degree weather had something to do with the flower not forming to it's full potential. Next time it blooms (as long as you don't get another 100 degree weather spell) it should bloom normally for you. The same thing happens to us here in the greenhouse when we get extremely warm weather.

Thanks Robert-you know how to soothe a gal! The extreme temp was out of character for this summer but I guess a few days of it could impact it.:)

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