Dendrobium speciosum

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I love the fragrance. They get gigantic sized. I have no good luck with them in a NYC apartment. Thanks for sharing.
Yes Eric, gigantic is an appropriate term. This is v. pedunculatum which is said to be a dwarf variety. dwarf is, of course, a relitive term with respect to speciosum. This plant is approximately 24 inches in diameter however the spikes add another 16 inches per side.
the variety speciosum can grow to the size of a small car.
They don’t need a lot of attention. They can be difficult to repot due to size so I use a free draining mix with mostly inorganic like pumice and if roots ok just pot-up to just shy of unmanageable. They like light, mine could use more in our winter. My GH is unseated so temps down to 42F. Good air movement. If I had a minimally protected outdoor area I might grow it there.
Bit of a while ago but I was thriller to be awarded Show Champion and Champion Native at our show in September 2022.
Dendrobium speciosum 'Natstar Best 2004' which is a cross of 'National White' x 'North Star'


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