Dendrobium devonianum

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Ricardo Boricua

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Nov 27, 2023
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Puerto Rico
This plant is challenging to grow in my conditions. The flowers are a pale shadow of the brilliant color they have under cooler conditions. The fragrance is delightful, different from the sweet fragrance of anosmum and parisii. These are last years flowers, th339460113_897451671486224_617225959123246619_n.jpgis year blooming was poor.
Why challenged?
First, it needs lots of water wen growing but its sensitive to rot. So the media as to be fast draining and yet remain moist. It needs strong sunlit but too much and it loses its leaves quickly. If you manage to nail all its needs it blooms gloriously, but if there is even a small lapse in care flowers are few. Perhaps the worst, it initiates its growth cycle just when the local dry season starts, which means it dries quickly and environmental humidity is low, this doesn't help. It needs constant fertilizing at a time wen most of my plants are resting. Finally, canes will rot at the drop of a hat.