delenatii var. dunkel

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
Anyone have a photo or know a link to one on the web? I googled and didn't find much. Piping Rock is selling them and I've never heard of this variety. Would love to see a photo of it.

A while back I bought one from Orchid Inn. You may want to check with him. Mine is growing but is not blooming size yet.
Here a picture of a typical clone of the dark delenatii.
dunkel means dark
A plant with dark leaves




Best greetings

Thanks Olaf! That's exactly what I was looking for. Grandma, like I said Piping Rock has them. I wanted to look not buy:poke: but thanks for trying to enable me..
O.K. here's a link to a prior thread

Weird, but it doesn't show up in google. Guess forums aren't read by the "bots". Oh and thanks for the links to the other slipper forum. I was able to see a photo of the leaves before it blew my system up. I have to switch to Safari to be able to view that site, so it's kind of a pain. The leaves look fantastic!
Dennis D'allessandro (Gypsy Glen orchids) usually has dunkelii seedlings also....Take care, Eric
Hmmmm, instant CHM at the minimum? I've seen them around, but always as the same size, young seedlings over the years from the same vendor??? Are they vigorous or slow-growing? I got the impression they are the same batch of seedlings making almost no progress. Not sure though.

......Are they vigorous or slow-growing? I got the impression they are the same batch of seedlings making almost no progress. Not sure though. -Ernie

Hi Ernie,

I've got my P. delenatii 'dunkel' (dark) for two years now. When I got it from a vendor as a free gift it was a small plant (seedling) with a leaf span of about 5-6 cm. Now the leaf span is about 15-16 cm and I would say by my impression it is really vigorous and thrives and grows at least as well as a common P. delenatii (perhaps even better).
Hopefully it will become flowering size next year.
Best regards from Germany, GuRu
GuRu, fair enough. Maybe he's selling them just as fast as he can plant them out then.

CHM, yeah Cert of Hort Merit like Rick said. Pretty much saying, this is a cool thing, go ahead and breed with it because it has horticultural potential as a taxon and a potential parent in hybridization. If the flower is of sufficent quality, it is certainly eligible for a quality award (HCC, AM, FCC). CBR (Certificate of Botanical Recognition) is for things that most folks wouldn't bother setting pollen on- aka botanicals OR mow-overs. :) Now who will that get all worked up? :) Maybe I should say botanicals are perfect as they are; no hybridization required. But that's too politically correct. :p Cheers!