Seeking info on Malipoense ‘Dark Stripes’ x ‘Woo Dark’

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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Finally this baby is spiking!!
Anyone who has photos of parents of this cross Paphiopedilum malipoense (‘Dark Stripes’ x ‘Woo Dark’), please share.
Bought at Piping Rock’s last summer sale in 2019 as a 4inch small plant.
Was hoping it would stay more compact than my other ones but the average leaf length is already 8-9in on a first time bloomer. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Better have a nice big flower!
Will find out in 7-8 months 😁

Ok just got answer from Glen:

‘ … (I) don’t have pictures of either parent. Woo stands for World of Orchids which used to be located in Florida and had one of the best malipoense collections. I believe the other parent came from there as well. I would be disappointed if the plant was compact, since I was looking for larger … flowers.’

Hope that helps.
Thank you very much!! I feel so well-connected 😁
I wonder what happened to their collections after closing.
I might also assume (could be wrong of course!!) that the parents might be sibblings from the same batch or related crosses from the original breeder.
At the time of purchase from Glen, the plant was sold as near blooming size in 2.5inch tall square pot. The plant was only about 4inch from tip to tip but the width of the leaves were quite impressive. So I had my doubt regarding "near blooming size" based on what I had seen of this species but also wanted to gamble on it just in case I got super lucky.
Anyway, I hope the spike will continue to grow and produce a stellar green flower! 🍀

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