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Why should cypripediums be so expensive?????? I know that it takes a lot of time for them to mature, but ... Does anyone know where to find cyps in reasonable prices (not normal prices...) that are shipped in Greece or Europe in general???

Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Thanasis

An item's sale price often reflects the costs and effort that went into creating it. Plus, retail prices will be higher than the actual production cost. Otherwise, no one would make any money.

Plants, especially slow-growing, temperate climate perennials, are no different. In addition, orchid seed germination is no simple task (for the average hobbiest anyway). A mature cypripedium plant easily has 4-5 years worth of time put into it, not to mention the cost of the products used to aid germination, potting material, greenhouse space, etc. What's a grower's time worth? It's hard to say. I know I wouldn't let a plant go for a bargain price if I had put years into it.

I feel the prices most cyp growers offer are quite reasonable, given the nature, and popularity of the plant.
If you do not mind waiting a few years for blooms, Phytesia in Belgium, sells very nice seedlings. I have obtained seedlings from them several times and they have been of excellent quality - indeed, I expect a few first blooms next spring from some I ordered three years ago.

Xmmm, thank you all for the info...

cdub: I totally understand and agree with what you say, but I still think that they are a bit expensive and their prices might not be proper for my budget yet!!! In additon, we all know that some things have become really automated nowadays so making profit is easier!!!! I say this because I see lots of different prices for the same species (age / condition)! Also differences in currrencies makes the differencies in prices, because 20USD isn't the same with 20GBP!!! But unfortunatelly I can't buy from USA because of CITES restrictions... Anyway, I'll try to be ore realistic and make the best of both ends!!! Thank you again.... :):)

NYERic: I have found some too but ebay is a bit "tricky" and prices get too high the last seconds till auctions end.... However, that is where I purchase orchid plants... No orchid nurseries here... :(:(:(

Thank you all again
Take care, Thanasis...

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