Cyp p. pubescens

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Eric Muehlbauer

Here is my pubescens, photo taken earlier in the week. Its the only cyp I have blooming in Queens this year...although parviflorum and kentuckiense came up very well. I've had this plant for nearly 20 only started blooming about 2 years ago...its under my lilacs, and I gradually pruned them to allow more light. Its growing with Epimediums, Trilliums luteum and erectum, Sanguinaria Multiplex, yellow rout lilies, and ferns...Enjoy! Eric
Thanks everyone! Its about 12-14" high...hard to tell, as it bends over when the bud gets larger....there is a 2nd one near it that has never bloomed...only about a foot away, but it gets fractionally less light, and has a painted fern growing over its roots....Definitely, the cyp plunge is worth taking....pubescens is easy, as are some of the hybrids....Take care, Eric

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