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Mar 30, 2020
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Cymbidim goeringii, the varieties that bloom early will soon bloom. Just checking the buds last night. Two of Cymbidium goeringii are coming out of vernalization and are about 2-3 weeks away from blooming. The one with the brighter orange coloured flower will be blooming 4 years in a row. Will provide a rest next year (to pluck the flower buds when I see them in the month of July and August)
The one with a duller orange coloured flower should get brigter as the flower finishing developing in the next 2-3 weeks. This bud is not the best bud, it is known that the flower stalk of this variety doesn't elongate well, will increase the humidity around the bud when it buds next year. With proper potting materials and strict cultural requirements, it is possible to grow and bloom C. goeringii every year.
Before the cold spell we are experiencing in Southern Ontario, the goeringii room in the basement is always between 6C-10C since mid December, meeting the vernalization requirements. Since we are getting the polar vortex in the next couple of days, I think the room will go down to 4C.


So exciting to watch the process. Can't wait for the next development!
Yes, every year the processes are the same. It's like a clockwork now. I have worked out all the monthly/seasonal requirements (changes in watering interval, light requirements, and temperature requirements throughout the 4 seasons, each season has different requirements.) Also, again, I cannot stress enough the importance of using the Japanese Cymbidium Mix. This is what happens when the plants are potted in the correct potting materials, it blooms every year.

Also, I don't do anything special, I just follow what Cymbidium goeringii books and my vendor tell me to do. The weather pattern is different in Toronto compared with East Asia (Japan, Korea, and China) but I follow as close as possible and that's it, very simple.

I have another two C. goeringii with buds which are at least 4-6 weeks way from finishing vernalization (blooming). The buds have elongated a bit from the base, but they still have some way to go (petals are still inside the multi-layered sheath). So, I know, for these 2 other plants, they are not ready and if you terminate vernalization for these 2 plants, the buds will blast.
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