Cymbidium goeringii 'Kourin'

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Mar 30, 2020
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Cymbidium goeringii "Kourin"


This is a rescue plant I received 3-4 years ago. The plant came with only 3 leaves due to shipping damages. I rescued in 1 season and started to bloom last year. Last year produced 1 flower and this year also produced 1 flower.

Potted in Traditional Japanese East Asian Cymbidium Mix. This is the brief cultural requirements for people who are interested in this. THE CULTURE REQUIREMENTS CHANGE WITH THE SEASON, SO THERE IS A DIFFRENT CULTURAL CONDITIONS EVERY 3 MONTHS (SO 4 CONDITIONS, 1 PER EACH SEASON)
Light: 50%-90% depending on the season
Watering interval: once every 6 days to once every 14 days depending on the season
Temperature requirements:
Spring and Fall: intermediate range, 13C-17C (average 15C will do)
Summer: warm range 25C-30C
Winter: cold range 0C-10C (must stay within this range so the buds can develop and bloom).
Humidity: 50%-70% at all times
Grown outdoor from early May to early November
Grown indoor in Flora Peculia's basement C. goeringii room from early November to end of April.
Photo is taken by Flora Peculia.
The flower stem of this classic Japanese variety/clone is known not elongate well. Next year, I'm going to try the flower stem elongation technique during the budding season so the flower stem can grow taller.

How do you keep your basement cold in the winter?
So this basement room has the following set up. It is in the basement of an old Toronto house. In many old Torontonian houses, there is a cold cellar (cold room/mud room). In the old days, this type of room is used as a refridgerator. So this concrete room was built below ground without any insulation. The door of this room that is connected to the rest of the house is kept open. From early Nov to end of April, with the window closed, the room is always between 11C-14C. Then between Dec 15-Dec 22 (depending what I feel like), I change the set up so the temp will always be 0C-10C. To do so, I open the basement window sligtly (like a 1/4-1/2 inch gap). By doing so, the 0C-10C temp will be achieved (no higher and no lower). We had a cold January, when it was -20C outside, the temp in the room was between 3C-6C consistently every day for weeks. I keep the window open until all the flowers bloom (in March). Once all the flowers bloom, then I close the window. Once the window is closed, the temp will return to 11C-14C within days. The plants are grown underlight (the cheapest T8 influroscent light you see in hardware stores, used in office buildings). The room always has a humidity between 50%-70%. From early Nov to end of April, all C. goeringiii are grown in this room regardless the size, with buds or without buds. The species requires this condition in the winter to thrive during the growing season, this condition is part of their biology, it is required and necessary, not optional. It is a very specific set up so not everyone will have this kind of conditions. I described the set up to my Japanese vendor and he told me that this will work and it has been working every year.
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It is a challenge for me and it requires a lot of work. I hope one day C. goeringii can be as popular as Neofineta in the West.

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