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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
The sole remaining spike on my Cym Cricket. Lost 8 spikes due to too much heat where I have it, all damped off. Still not a bad show.

Wow!! Fantastic!! Congrats on getting the one stalk to bloom. What a sight it would have been if the 8 were not lost. I can't even imagine what that would look like.

Maybe I should relocate to 'down under' so my Cyms will rebloom.
Cym. Cricket is (maddianum x devonianum) - love that flower and the long spray. Realy lovely. Too bad that maddianum hybrids become vegetable Behemouths over time. I suspect you have it in at least a one gallon nursery can, or a larger pot than that. Unfortunately the only small Cymbidiums I have found are the green flowered Chinese species, like C. goeringii, formosana, and C. kanran. If you divide it regularly, Cym sinense can be kept in a 4 inch pot or less. Its fragrance is one of the best orchid fragrances out there.
That's a good one Roy. Great display and these in bloom with spikes all around the pot are a real spectacle in any show.

Grandma M, yes if you move to Australia you will probably move to the perfect environment for your Cyms (well in the southern part of the country anyway). They grow extremely well down here.