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For Sale Clearing Out the Kelpak Inventory

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Jun 9, 2006
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Oak Island NC
I'm down to my last few cases of Kelpak, but I need to get them gone so I have room for the next load.

So...until these are gone, ① I have reduced the price, ② other discounts still apply, and ③ free shipping to US addresses is still included.

These, and the bottles coming in have an expiration date of 6/23/2026, so there's no risk of degradation before you use it, and if you keep it refrigerated, it'll be good for at least a year past that.

About a week ago, I sold the 15,000th bottle, and more and more folks are discovering how good it is for all plants.
Just a "heads up" - I've sold enough to make space for the material coming in on Monday, so I'm going to end the sale at midnight Eastern tomorrow.

If you're looking for a price break, don't wait!

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