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Jun 9, 2006
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Oak Island NC
Kelpak USA recently changed warehouses. I just ordered material to restock, and instead of the 1-liter bottles with the First Rays' pink cymbidium label, they sent me quart bottles with the generic Kelpak label that they use for prospective-customer samples. The cost to ship them back is prohibitive, so they offered me a discount to keep them, and that allows me to pass that on.

A quart is 6.4% smaller than a liter, but I have priced them at $33, which is a bit more than 10% less than my 1L price.

AND... If you order before midnight (EDT) Sunday, 11/19/2023 and use the coupon code "QUART", I'll knock another $5 off. Automatic volume discounts still apply, and the offer includes free shipping to US addresses.