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Rick Barry

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Dec 16, 2006
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Here's an album form of P. Clairkuli from the Orchid Zone. The cross is Makuli alba x Clair de Lune. This is part of an experiment at the Zone to produce increasingly pale alba's through selective breeding of particularly pale parents.
Terry notes that plants producing the palest blooms unsurprisingly exhibit a pronounced lack of vigor.

I've taken to calling these 'platinums', which I think I learned from Norito or some other west coast breeder. Some of them are quite lovely. But in my hands too they tend to be less vigorous.

Personally I prefer the one in the back. But that is one nice dorsal on the front one... I'd take them both.
I don't know.....I either go for white or dark green...pale green on white doesn't make sense to me....maybe if it was the absolute palest of greens, enough for contrast on the stripes...not to put down these blooms, I think they're gorgeous...just the concept...(I compare it to corn snake breeding...albino's have no black, so they are white with pink and orange bars...gorgeous...anerythrysitics have no red...they just look dark brown and white...feh!....and snow corns are both albino and anerythristic....boring as hell, just undistinguished pale bars, no color at all.....) Take care, Eric
Certainly this sort of thing won't appeal to everyone, but it suggests a direction in breeding that may yet produce that single exceptional clone: a pure white, vigorous and fertile Maudiae type. Such a clone could serve as the foundation for another quantum leap in Paph breeding. Consider Paph Skip Bartlett 'White Pepper' and its influence in breeding for complex whites. This may never happen with Maudiaes, but it certainly would be an interesting development.
Meanwhile, I'll take a few plants if only for the sake of variety.