Cattleya undine x gaskelliana

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L I Jane

This is an old cross-not sure if it was ever named.If anyone knows I'd appreciate the name.This is the last big guy I own in cattleyas & I've had it since 1978-about 5"-6" flower. (When removing sheath early in the season I knocked off a couple of buds :sob:

Jane, it turns out her name is Brenda.

Undine = (intermedia x mossiae) Reg. 1906
(Undine x gaskelliana) = Cattleya Brenda Reg. 1912
Many Thanks, Sue!!!!! I know that it was an early attempt on breeding for blue.
Sorry! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
It was so slow that I thought it hadn't posted .Never had such a delay before.
Thank you so much --it helps not to be 'puter illiterate like me! ':) The plant is probably older than you are! lol