Cattleya trianae semialba flamea ‘Kathleen’

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Striking!! Mine is still blooming on the one lead (original two blooms), but the other leads aren’t progressing. At least not yet.
Thanks SB, the other leads on mine might still bloom eventhough new growths are starting. Yours might too but best if they grow over this year to get stronger with new roots.
Its a lovely flower.
Can I ask how you know this isnt a hybrid?
Several reasons:

1. It flowers during trianae season
2. Makes growths and roots as trianae
3. There are flamea forms of this species in great abundance from the wild
4. It was selected by well known cattleya growers
5. It is accepted as a true species by respected cattleya experts (including taxonomists)

If any of those criterias are in question (for any species out there), it creates a doubt. That plant will forever be questioned of its authenticity (such as walkeriana alba 'Kenny' or lueddemaniana semialba flamea 'Cerro Verde').

This plant fulfills the 5 criterias above, and is therefore by that nature, confirmed as a true identity to its name. It has never been doubted.
Any update for the new pics in 2022, 2023 Dr Leslie Ee? Tks
Don’t want to hijack Leslie’s thread but mine bloomed last spring with 10 flowers (after being divided!) and is in spike again. This plant is a blooming, growing beast. Needs to be repotted again!! I got mine from Orchids Ltd, a division of original Rogerson plant. My most expensive (not the $600 he had advertised at one point for a large plant.). But, I say she really earns her keep. You could sell a healthy division of this thing almost every year as it grows leads from all sides practically. Oh, and Leslie, if yours came from Steven Christofferson it likely is an original. He goes way back with his collection. I got a division of a jungle collected C. percivaliana ‘Ondine’ from him this year.