Cattleya trianae pelorica trilabelo

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One of my best trianaes just opened. Probably the best peloric in the world with overlapping petals mimicking the lip. Stunning deep lavender and gold color 'eyes' with velvety texture. Huge at 15.5 cm.

A line bred from the original trianae peloric 'Lia' found in the jungle that sold for $25K to a Japanese grower a couple decades ago. Luckily this one is strong grower as most peloricas are weak.

A priceless treasure that I will breed on to conserve the genetics, in collaboration with some important breeders in US and Brazil.

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I haven't named this cultivar yet. Any suggestions?
Those Chevrons!
The pollen is too precious to make hybrids for now. All pollen spoken for outcrosses to other trianaes to maintain these genes. Maybe when the babies grow up, they will be used.

At this time, preservation of this form is utmost important and takes precedence over all speculative intraspecies mating.
You act like it's never going to bloom again lol.

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