Cattleya trianae alba ‘Aranka Germanske’ FCC/AOS

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Feb 1, 2019
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Another classic white of days long gone. Part of my heirloom collection. One of the first to be discovered in the jungle (as the story goes).

Huge pure white flowers measuring almost 7 inches (approximately 18 cm). This year is its first bloom after a setback. It can reach 9 inches (approx 23 cm) on a strong plant.

Fragrant and long lasting, over 6 weeks and as long 10 weeks.

Shape is not as great as the best white trianaes, with less that full round petals, but the immense size for a species is noteworthy.

D955E54C-4F5E-451A-A27E-1D5A991530D6.jpeg 4D71E122-18D7-4A23-A430-6E86B429E894.jpeg
So 8 months have passed and the plant is coming into sheathless bloom again. This time flower is better shaped and about 7 inches ... still a lonely one flower 😞:


Pete, here’s one to put on your tree!

How’s your plant doing Monocotman?
Very nice Dr Leslie, as always!
This is the only clone that I have bought twice, on purpose.
One is a smallish division from Max Strauss that is growing well and should flower next year. It is probably not a mericlone.
The other is a much bigger division from Asendorfer that is in low bud in the sheath as I speak. Very much looking forward to seeing it!

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