Cattleya purpurata var. carnea ‘Harford’ AM/AOS

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Feb 19, 2013
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This is a bit of a sad post for me. This plant was a gift last summer from my dear friend Gary Krause, one of the owners of The Little Greenhouse in Baltimore MD.

Gary and I were generations apart but shared the same birthday, and something clicked between us. We chatted nearly every day by text or phone sharing info on plants and jokes. He was a bright spot and a pillar in my life during the pandemic. Gary passed away on June 20th, only a few days after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The whole thing was so sudden, I’m still in shock and disbelief. It’s been difficult for me to get through my watering routines. Hopefully time will help the heart.

After repotting this plant in December (which one should probably never do), it shot out two sheaths. So I believe the flower quality is limited this round by the move, but the plant persisted and threw spikes.

Gary mentioned this was jungle collected decades ago by an importer. Purpuratas in my neck of the woods bloom around June, so this will be a nice reminder of our friendship.

My most heartfelt commiserations on your loss, Pete!

Your plant and its flowers is a beautifull memento of your beloved, departed friend!
Allow me to remind you of what is most often the case, that when the immediate and acute grief and pain has abated a little, we always carry those we loved and who were of significance to us, in our hearts!
May your Friend rest in Peace, and may the Eternal Light shine upon his Soul!

Most kind regards,
Jens, Copenhagen
Pete, I am sorry to hear about the loss of Gary. Thank you for sharing the story of your friendship and this wonderful purpurata to remind you of him. My heart goes out to you.

The Little Greenhouse is quite a treasure. I have visited only a handful of times when I am in the area. The greenhouse is pristine, the plants are vigorous, and the advice/conversations are enlightening. You can tell the place is run and cared for with love.