Cattleya percivaliana album 'Anja'

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Oct 23, 2006
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This year was the first complete growing season for this pant on my window sill and she's flowering again with 2 flowers. Unfortunately the flowers opened while I was away for some time so one of them leaned with the petal at the window pane. Nevertheless I think there is a slightly improvement compared with the first flowering.


Nice photos! How big is the flower of this clone?
Many years ago, I bought a seedling after I saw a photo of the alba form of this species...Years later, it bloomed but the flower was so small, nothing like the type species...I was very disappointed with it. After a couple more bloomings, the flower was still very small....Mine must be a bad clone--I still have it but I am going to trash it after this blooming cycle.
Thanks for the measurements. Yours is a little bigger than mine, but still not as big as the flower of the type species that I remember....
I don't mind the smaller flower, I just wish the flower would look fuller, a classic look like the pink type...perhaps that is what it is then. I might take a photo of mine when it is in bloom(soon) and see what others may think... to me, it( mine) is good enough to keep unless a miracle happens.