Cattleya jenmanii semi alba ('Canaima's Lipstick' HCC/AOS x 'Kathleen' AM/AOS)

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Thanks for the reminder. Yes. It has a fragrance that I’ve only had a chance to smell in the evenings so far because of my schedule. I imagine during the mornings or day it’s much stronger, I’ll be able to test this tomorrow.

It’s a heavily grounded floral scent, much like a rose but with a slight hint of cream. It really makes you want to keep you nose right in there for a while. That’s my description so far. If things change tomorrow I’ll update!
@terryros, I made it home and pulled my plant, and put the ruler to it per your request. It’s the same cross but this one is not from Orchidweb. This was sourced from an eBay seller. Looks to be 11.5 cm across. I recently divided this plant in August of 2022 and was surprised one division bloomed. Incredibly difficult to get a clean background when taking pictures.. my lights are on light rails so they are constantly moving and I don’t have a solid black background.. I’ll have to work on a photo box or some other option this year.

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Lovely Catt. and big improvement of the dorsal on this one. It has big "ears" as well.

I like seeing the background. All kinds of goodies to see. I suppose that makes me a greenhouse snoop.
Good shape for jenmanii with great solid red lip. The pincelada flares on petals add a nice touch.

If you can improve the NS by 2-3 cm more on a stronger plant with 3 flowers on one inflorescence, no judge in this world would snub it lol.
I can tell by my tag that OL did not make the cross, so someone else did and sold flasks to some/many. My flower has stabilized at 12.5 cm. I think Leslie’s point is key - I think I am done chasing genes in more plants and going to focus on growing what I have into much larger specimen plants to see the full potential. I am sure there is another cm or so in this plant.