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some call me brian
Jun 7, 2006
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Cape Cod
just an fyi for everyone, the cape and the islands orchid show is coming up next weekend. setup is on my birthday and i was suckered into doing it, so at least, on my birthday, i will be surrounded by blooms....
NYEric said:
Boy I would love to attend. Unfortunately the bachannal and orgy for my birthday is scheduled at the same time so..
Eric being I am not attending the Cape and Island Show, I may be able to attend your orgy :D :poke: :rollhappy: Is the bachannal a seperate time or are they combined ??
hey, for my birthday this year, i'm stuck setting up the show on thursday. can i swing by after?
i'll get this out of the way first, no pictures...
if i remember and have time, i'll try to take a few on sunday at teardown...
so, setup went well and was fun. they were even so kind as to have a cake for me and sang happy birthday...
a friend (not orchid related) and i did the display. everyone else flaked out for various reasons but, as they flaked out, i don't know what the reasons were... well, one i did and it was more of a miscommunication than a flaking....
clerked too and that was fun. i like being a pointer...
when's nhos? i haven't been in years but heard it's pretty darn good.
i was on the brassia-odont/cymbidium/special categories team. it was challenging but i did good.

(i got a caudatum in low spike and a fanaticum from Glen at Piping Rock! i'm thinking of getting a Macodes petula and maybe a Mem Larry Heuer from Marlow Orchids, too. Glen did have a few vietnamense in spike, though....)
i'm about to go back to tear it down. gonna bring the camera, but don't know when i'll be able to post photos... might go semi hydro on some stuff...
The best part about being a "spotter" is figuring out the best route to the different displays so the judges don't get worn out. All while avoiding and working around the hundreds of people on the 30 other teams .