can you believe it?

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At least they're honest about what you'll get!!
You're right! We've all had deformed blooms but I couldn't attempt to sell that plant with it's current bloom. The next bloom could be absolutely fine but for the starting price or buy it now for $30 would you take a chance? I would think it would be worth more without a picture at all!
It sounds as if it might ba a nice cross....until you look at the picture. What was your bid, Rose??????
WHAT! There's a bid on it? It is an awarded cross BUT I just can't get past the picture!
They could give it to me!
SlipperKing is right, The seller is honest , he could have taken out the flower and nobody would be any wiser.
Maybe the second bloom will improve?
I would think, though, that he would offer it at a lower price, considering its obvious defects, and the fact that, while it may bloom better on the next growth, there is a very, very good chance that it will always be just as ugly. Take care, Eric
We see flowers like that ocasionally between the complexes, and we found that heat and low humidy is a contributing factor( Greehouses on average in summer over 35 c). Usually the flower is correct the following season.

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