C Heathii 'Becky' HCC/AOS

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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
C Heathii 'Becky' HCC/AOS (loddigesii X walkeriana coerulea)

Super fragrant flowers! It's a delight to find this flowering.


10.6 cm NS Awarded in 1999 (loddigesii harrisoniana coerul x walkeriana coerulea)
Two almost flat flowers on one inflorescence; sepals and petals light bluish lavender, petals fading along midrib; lip shovel-shaped, side lobes infolding column, exterior light bluish lavender, interior white with bold yellow picotee, midlobe reniform, margins deflexed, yellow centrally, distal third darker bluish lavender; substance firm; texture sparkling.
Hi Eric, this wasn't my award. Exhibitor is Mr Coxwell, named after his wife 'Becky'. I got this plant (a division I believe) at Dallas Orchid Judging center auction in 2010. Plant was donated by AOS judge Judy Cook. She was from Atlanta Judging center - where this plant was awarded. When I get a plant that is awarded I like to look up award description, and copy and paste into my orchid database.

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