Bulbo schillerianum

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Pulled out my magnifying glass to see this one today. The flowers are 3mm high a little less wide.


Now that is tiny. I'm surprised that you were able to get the picture that clear.

I have a 'Melting Point' getting ready to give me a show. I have never even seen a pic of that one. It isn't open yet but the petals are almost 4" long. It is (longissimum X Doris Dukes) and it came from Marilyn at Windy Hill early this summer.
Dot, I bet it could be done but I think the burlap would rot out too quickly. Have you seen Epiweb. It is a synthetic substitute for treefern. I am currently experimenting with it.
I've not heard of that, Ron. Sounds interesting -- please keep us informed about how your experimenting is working out.

What have you mounted (planted) with Epiweb, and what kind of feedback can you give us? It sounds interesting. One place I read that it holds moisture, another place I read it does not. What have you found.

I have a Bulbo 'Melting Point' in bloom now. Hope to take a pic today for posting.

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