Brachypetalum pollination

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Apr 21, 2020
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Chicago, IL
Is it safe to pollinate a single growth brachy? I’ve read that generally you don’t want to pollinate plants until they have at least two mature growths, but I’ve also read that brachys are short-lived. How would you weigh these two things against one another?
Don't know about the short-lived thing, I've had one P. concolor for the past 30 years.

I would try to put some size on a plant before pregnancy, though.
As long as the plant is healthy and strong, then there is no problem.
Major breeder always pollinate first time blooming seedlings when they have certain quality that they want to incorporate into their breeding goals.
Paphs in general including brachys are not short-lived plants. The rumor must have been from prematurely dead cases where the causes could have been any of the followings. genetic issues, diseases, or poor cultivation practice.
We generally do not pollinate first bloom seedlings unless they are extra large healthy plants. Pollination of even a vigorous plant takes a tremendous amount of energy from the plant. We did pollinate this last season an outstanding complex that was quite vigorous with two new growths beginning to emerge on a very husky plant. Bracky and Parvi, I would not. I would however take the pollen. Best of luck.