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I just got my first Angrecoids from Botanica Ltd. They were both mounted on cork, and I have to say, I am sold on this as a growing method. It looks great. The plants were healthy, and well protected for shipping. I am working on a second order already.

Today I got mooreana and punctata. SOOOO cool! :)
They came late tonight because the post office knew they were perishable. :)

I will take pics tomorrow when I have more light.
Ok, here are the pics.


Aerangis mooreana


Aerangis punctata

These are not mounted on moss pads, just straight to the cork. Each mount measures less than 4" wide x 6" tall. The roots are hugging the mount so tight, I am thinking of removing the string. The punctata has a root that grew through a crack in the cork and it comes out the other side. The crack is so thin, I would not be able to slide a sheet of paper in between. You can see it in the photo above on the left hand side of the mount. Amazing!
Marco, I am going to keep these mounted, because to pull these off would mean destroying the roots. They are well established. I didn't think I liked mounted plants, but my only experience with them was on grapevine twigs from Oak Hill. These are much nicer. I do have my sesquipedale growing in s/h already, but it came in a pot. We will see how it does.