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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
I have a few things getting close to blooming, and one plant getting close to being fully open.

My Berenice. I love this plant, it came from Ross and before that Ratcliffe. The petal stance is perfect, if you ask me. NS is is about 10".


This is my St. Swithin, made with the same philippinese clone as the Berenice above - 'Birch Point'. I am hoping the petal stance is similar but time will tell.

Finally my philippinense 'Angel Wings' x 'Easter Parade'. FINALLY!!! I have had this plant for three years and it was previously bloomed according to Norman's. I never thought I'd see the day. It'd better be worth the wait!
Whoo... congratulations! Since I just bought a Berenice from Ratcliffe I'm extra happy to see that picture :)
Awesome Berenice! That plant from Norman's is probably mislabelled. Might not even be a paph... :poke:
Marco said:
congrats Heather. That phil looks like its gonna be great!

I hope so!
The last one of this cross that I saw bloom was spectacular. I am not thinking mine is going to be up to snuff. Awfully small buds but I am hopeful.

Thanks for the kind notes on the Berenice. It is, in my opinion, a superior cross. Thanks Ross. :)
Wish I had a basement. Mutter, mutter. Basements are very rare in CA due to earthquake building codes. I think that's the ONLY thing I miss about living back east, is that every house had a basement. Your paphs seem to be very happy living there, Heather.