Bllra. Marfitch 'Howards dream' AM/AOS

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
This has been in my collection for many years and although it takes up too much room, I can't get rid. of it. Too pretty to get rid of. This year I was lazy and didn't stake the spike. There is close to a 5" petal spread on those flowers
I fell in love with that one also. I talked to Natt's Nursery and ordered one to be delivered to the GVOS in January. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was in real life. She said she would pick the nicest one to take to me. It was fantastic and such a deep color. I was surprised how long it bloomed after I got it, in full bloom.

She is such a nice lady and they are wonderful people to deal with.
I have one of these that should be blooming any day now. I hope it is as nice as yours Ron.

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