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Lovely! How big is the plant?
(I have a youngish one about two feet tall and wondering how big it needs to be before I get a flower!)
The flowers of these are absolutely wonderful. They grow very thickly in the tropics. It was only yesterday I was trimming these plants -------- with a chain saw. These plants grow so prolifically when planted in the ground, and so tall, that a chainsaw is probably the only way to go. I think petrol powered hedge cutting machine can do the job too ----- but the hedgers aren't as good as chainsaw.
Just went to take a few pics to show what I mean only. Growing in a pot is an excellent idea. I just didn't know that these things could grow so thick when in the ground.


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Beautiful! They do get to be big, robust plants over time. I have one I've had in a pot for about 15 years and it spends spring, summer and fall outside and winter in the garage under lights. It has gotten big enough that I have to ruck it around (with great effort) with a big dolly.

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