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Feb 1, 2019
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These two besseaes were awarded yesterday with both 79 point HCC at our monthly judging.

Good flowers but needed a little more to get to AM (one was small but good shape and other had minor damage). Maybe next blooming.

They came as a group of 5 of different crosses.

Congrats to Andrew (Roehampton Orchids) for growing them well to achieve this. Hard to get any award for a highly awarded species! In fact, he got 4 of them awarded this past year! Kudos.
Wonderful image from a very good grower!!
I have a couple of besseae's limping along and then I see this, gee wiz. Taint fair E, taint fair. Droooooooooooooooool. Wiping my chin.
Great show, and a good experience for judging besseae. I remember a great grower here about 20 years ago put one of his besseaes up for judging, it got an AM/aoc. During the discussion over the virtues of the plant, it was stated the flower petal width was 1mm bigger than another awarded clone. I thought that was pushing it when that was brought up on the pannel for judging. but it got an AM.