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Auction #4 Lc. Kimberly Federighi 'Nicole' division

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I'm auctioning off several plants with proceeds going towards Forum Support. If anyone has some extra divisions, supplies etc. that you could spare, I'm sure Heather and Blake would appreciate it. Since shipping plants will start to be dicey soon, it's a good idea to list them right away.

Winning bidders will have to cover shipping on the plants listed. I'll p.m. you after close of auction to work out payment. I'm thinking by Sunday evening I'll close the auctions.

Sorry, but this is only for our members in the U.S.

This is a division of my mother plant that fell off last year while repotting. It's been established for over a year and is will look exactly like my in-bloom plant that I posted a pic of a few days ago.



It's 7 growths that will need at least another year to be blooming size. It's growing very happily in s/h but, you can repot to something else if you want. Hausermann's is selling this plant for $35.
Candace - you had some beauties and I'm sure Claudia will enjoy! I was in a position where I just didn't feel I had the space......
BUT .......
remember even if you don't bid on plants, there are other ways to $UPPORT the form!!!

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