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Auction #3 - 3 Humidity trays.

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Hi Heather,

How large and how much are the trays? I may be able to use them.

Thanks, Claudia

Hi Heather,

Thanks for the trays!

Mail them when you have the time. I need them for the fall. Also, I will paypal you the payment when you have the shipping amount.

Feel free to email me at my email address. I am not that good with the forum stuff. That is why I sent you two emails the other day, LOL!

Thanks, Claudia
Hey Claudia.....Just a suggestion. I wouldn't put your Full Name, Mailing address and telephone number on a on a public forum where everyone can see it. I'm sure members here wont do anything. But theres a lot of wierdos out that that are not members who can view this stuff.

Identity fraud is rampant out there.

I would PM Heather the information instead it would be a bit more safer.
Yep, I had a feeling that I did not do this properly... I hope that she receives my PM and removes that post...