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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
I started to collect Ascocendas again after many years, I shouldn't but with this in flower I couldn't resist.
Ascda Su-Fun Beauty ' Orange Belle' Probably many have it but its nice.
Eric, I know the feeling. I have tried a lot of orchids over the years and killed many, grown some. I have learnt to understand the plants " minimum requirements " and my growing conditions, noting the orchids I have that are suited to those conditions, isn't up to or better than the new orchid I wish to grow, I don't buy it. I am talking about a stand alone green house here, I have no experience in growing orchids indoors. Thats a whole new ball game but I believe the same principles would apply.

Absolutely, unfortunately I tried to grow everything until I found what I could grow. I'm still stuck on trying Isabellia virginalis though.
Eric, just read up on your Isabelia. It should be able to grow in your conditions by its requirements. Its an unusual orchid for sure. I've never seen one hear but some of the species nuts will probably have it. Good luck.

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