armeniacum x jacki

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Well, I'll be the devil's advocate here. I do not know why anyone would even make this cross, or buy it as long as the same cross with malipoense is available. You end up with an inferior, IMO, Paph. Norito Hasegawa essentially all the time. Paph. malipoense v jackii should be crossed with itself to preserve it as a distinct form of malipoense.
We wouldn't expect round flat blooms from jackii...would the AOS ever award a jackii hybrid?

I think jackii makes the blooms look more elegant because of the twists in the pointed petals and tall dorsal
I want to follow up before the owner of this plant hates me forever. I appreciate you posting the photo, we can never be sure if there are some unusual breeding characteristics of a plant until we see many of its hybrids. So far I do stand by my feeling that the nominate species is the better choice for crosses in this case, but that should not in any way take away from your enjoyment of the plant or showing it off, the fun is in growing and flowering them. I had hoped to stimulate some discussion, but was essentially unsuccessful in that.
bob i am not a hating guy and you have your opinion,i do not have a plant of norito hasagawa,so when i saw this plant i bought it,i do like it a lot other why's i suppose i would of not bought it,paph norito hasagawa is on my want list and when i finally get one i will compare it.Also bob i have read a lot of your threads and posts and i know you are a very knowledgeble when comes to paphs,and after deep consideration and thought(which hurt,trust me the old grey matter aint what it once was)i'm not listening to you(im stood with my fingers in my ears)only joking.I actually do like the less round form of the flower,i'll take a better pic of it today,because the colour is really nice.
just one more thing why wouldn't jacki be awarded,i'm sure after being line bred 4-5 times theres going to be some good ones with improved colour and shape.

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