appletonianum v hainanense

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
This is "Peggy" AM/AOS, out of a flask from Fox Valley. I've posted this before, but I'm always happy to see the bloom. However, this time I have learned something important. I had taken a couple of new growths off of the primary plant and put them into moss for root development, but the plants grew so well, I just left them in the moss. As you can see from the third photo, there is not a single blemish on the plant. The blooms have a natural spread of 10.5 cm and the plants are growing in a 2.25 inch square pot. Sorry about the poor lighting. Mike

Merely speculation on my part, but it think that the “no blemishes” comes from the even, steady supply of moisture more than the fact that the material providing that is sphagnum.

Back when I still had a greenhouse (insert longing expression here), and watered my plants very frequently in S/H pots, I had dome pretty pristine pants, as well. Now that I am back to being a windowsill grower, where watering is far less convenient, I notice the occasional brown leaf tip.
Mike, these are great flowers and the plant(s) is/are in excellent conditions. Lovely . 👌
This is "Peggy" AM/AOS, out of a flask from Fox Valley.......
Is this one plant with two fans which are in flower at the same time....or are these two plants from the same flask ?
One plant, two fans, removed from awarded mother as very small growths and placed into moss for root development. They grew so well, I just left them in moss. When I repot the mother plant, I will put it into moss too. Mike

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