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It is known from a serious hobbiest standpoint in the slipper world that OZ produces some of the best plants around regardless of award accolades. Terry has chosen to not submit his plants, why would he need to when his plants are the best anyway!?

Regardless points have been made on both sides in support of judging and against judging. It comes down to what is perceived quality IMHO.


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If you had the choice of buying an awarded unbloomed seedling, or one that is not awarded for the same price, which would you pick?

I got confused I think you meant to say choice of buying unbloomed seedling vs awarded at same price.

That would totally depend on cross. Is it a species, a complex? Id much rather bloom out a newer generation roth from excellent cross than a poor quality awarded roth. Species have higher proportion resembling parents. What were the parents of the seedling like? I don't want crap with or without award. Really I don't even want nice stuff with our without an award. If the awarded plant was nice but not spectacular and the seedling was from excellent parents. Especially, a species Id go with the seedling.

Where is your sense of risk taking? lol

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