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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
Hi, here is another Vintage Paph cross that was remade a few years back.

Its P. Statherianum = chamberlainianum x mastersianum A & B 1907
The pink on pouch and petals is a bit too bright than actual.


doesn't do it justice! Should be called "Life in pink" or "Pink Charmer". Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice!
Interesting...mastersianum usually adds earthtones and orange overtones to a cross....I would expect it to "de-pink" the colors....assuming the photo colors are accurate, could it mean that chamberlainianum (victoria-regina, or whatever you want to call it...) can override the mastersianum influence? Take care, Eric
Just to re-cap in the original post ....the pink color IS too bright, I've tried it in the light, shade etc with the digital camera settings changed but it still comes up this way. I'll see if I can adjust it in photo shop or like to get it nearer.
Here is last years pic taken with a 35mm SLR camera on auto setting and 400 asa film. As you can see the color is slightly darker than the digital camera pic. I tried everything I know ( not huge amounts ) in all the photo programs I have to adjust the color pink. Didn't work, wish I had a paph with the colors I came up with. I have the flower infront of me now and this pic is as close as possible to the flower.