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FYI, From a reliable source (but not Chuck or Nancy)...

"For those of you that ask me from time to time what is going on with Ackers, this is what I know.

Talked to Chuck Acker last night & he suggested I come out this morning, so I did. The business has been sold to Kent Franz, whom I met & liked very much. It will be a nursery/garden center that includes orchids & landscaping. As of June 1, Chuck will be in charge of the orchid part of the business. (Uncle Paul [Walter’s younger brother] & the cat will also be staying.) Kent’s son is the landscaper. Stan & Nancy will still be involved until June.

Kent has already started upgrading the greenhouse area & will have added several more by spring. They are also planning on making many of the changes we’ve all been wishing for such as online purchases, catalogue etc. They probably will be participating in more shows starting with the fall 2008 show schedule.

So, that’s all I know. Which is good news. We will not be losing Orchids by the Ackers. Would guess the name may well change in the future, but maybe not."

Sounds like nothing but improvements are in the works. All the best to these top notch growers!!!

Thanks for the info Ernie! It sounds like it has worked out for Chuck. Personally any new owner that's into orchids would be foolish not to keep Chuck on!

Seems like Chuck's 100% on board.


All the stuff in quotes is from a friend that lives close to them in Madison. I didn't buy anything from them as I did not go.


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