A rampant coelogyne Mem. Wilhelm Micholitz.

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
Third year of blooming and now up to maybe fourteen growths and spikes. Just seven are currently out, this plant has a very long flowering season As each bloom last three to four weeks.
This plant was bought as a two growth plant on eBay and in its second year it went from the two to eleven. The seller referred to its growth style as ‘rampant’ and it clearly has a huge shot of hybrid vigour being a primary cross between mooreana and lawrenceana.
I dropped the plant into a larger clay pot last autumn as it had filled the previous one. When I saw the huge mass of roots I didn’t even think about trying to remove the old compost. It would have caused too much trauma to the plant. It was just dropped on.
It’s not one of the small coelogyne plants, this pot is about ten inches across and the flowers about four inches. There is a light fragrance.
With the glossy leaves it’s a handsome thing even out of flower.
Now THAT is a beautiful plant. I love coelogynes and Have several but none so beautifully grown. I have serious leaf envy.
There is a great discription and history on the coelogynes.com website.
The leaves stay this colour and glossy until they suddenly turn yellow and drop off. They’re very well behaved!
It’s nice enough to sit as a house plant for the rest of the year when out of flower. It’s an easy intermediate grower so fits well indoors for me.
It’s just normal household temperatures for a UK house, so maybe 16-23c in winter, depending on the heating, and a few degrees warmer in summer. Last summer we had an exceptionally hot summer and it spiked at near 40c but that was just a couple of days. It’s sits in the shade mostly.
Good news on the house. It’s completed and has passed all the building checks so we should be moving in in two weeks time.
Hooray David! I'd love to see some photos when you get
settled. May life be a bit easier for both of you. Exciting,
isn't it? That whole St. Ives area is just gorgeous...sea
coast and long walks.