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Mar 26, 2007
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Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
I'm fairly limited in space but I just couldn't stop myself (OK I didn't really try). I just added :
Paph Joyce Hasegawa
Paph Lady Isabel
Paph Sanders Pride

I know that not much compared to some of your orders but these are seedlings and when (if) they mature I'll be sleeping in a tent because my house is overgrown. I also bought a greenhouse this year but I didn't summer any 'chids outside because I wanted to see what kind of temps it got. You know how that goes - orchids outside all summer don't fit back inside for the winter.

Congrats! Great plants, I'm currently obessed with finding a nice Lady Isabel myself!

Poor multiflorals, they always get spaced out, don't they? Still, they're my favorites!

They are my favourites too, I just got a philippinense in the post this morning and to accomodate them all had to buy some shelves and grow lights. Oh dear :eek:

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