A couple of my paphs. for your viewing.

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Below is a Paph Magic Lantern that I received from Sherwood Orchids when they were closing. I received 4 seedling of Magic Lantern from them on approximately the 15th of Nov. in 2005. They all had a 3 1/2" to 4" leaf span. The cross is made using (micranthum #2 x delenatii #1). This is the first one to bloom and is a single growth plant with a 7" leaf span.


Below is Paph Wellesleyanum (godefroyae x concolor) that I believe this may now be considered a natural cross in nature. Am I correct on that one guys? It is buy far my largest brachy plant and is growing in an 8" pot. It currently has three flowers in bloom with another bud that I just noticed the other day. I like many people have a hard time getting brachy's to grow this large. Most of mine will start sort of rotting one leaf at a time, going on to the next leaf. On a big plant you can cut out the whole growth but getting large plants are a challenge to maintain.

Very nice blooms! :)

I don't remember 100%, but I was reading Cribbs book and I think he said concolor and niveum populations don't intersect...but I returned the book and I can't buy my own...
I don't remember about godefroyae

Could you be thinking of the Conco-bellatulum/wenshanense mess? I've not seen anything about Paph Wellesleyanum being a natural hybrid.

Gilda, Yes both of those plants are growing in S/H. Almost all of my large collection of paphs. is growing that way.

Suss16, All of the photos are always taken by my lovely wife Donna, and for that I thank her. With out her knowledge of the camera and computer I wouldn't be able to share my joys with you guys.

KMarch, I believe you are correct in that these are NOT a natural hybrid. I indeed got confused with the wenshanense mess. Thanks for pointing that out.