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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Blc Beautiful Morning is a cross of Bl Morning Glory x Lc Bonanza Fair. It blooms with pale pink petals and sepals that will fade to a pure white. It has a nice yellow in the throat that isn't appreciated in this photo. It is a fairly large plant. This year blooming on 2 leads with 3 flowers per spike.


Here is a flower from last year, taken after the pink fades

The lip is what caught my attention when I saw this cross at the Miami Show a few years ago. The vendor had a few trays of this cross in bloom, so I had the opportunity to pick the one I thought was the best. There were ones where the outside of the lip was not magenta, I passed on those. This one had the nicest form of the batch with a fairly upright dorsal. Too many Morning Glory crosses don't hold their dorsals erect.

I have C walkeriana var alba in bud and am thinking about crossing it with this.
those flowers are really impressive, great coloring of the lip!! I am curious to see the result of crossing with C. walkeriana alba. What about fragrance?? Jean

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