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OK, I've been messing around with this idea a bit more. After a couple of days of messing up my photography, today I decided to stick with what I have and just paste the thing together.

This one not only spins right to left, you can also drag it vertically (at least a little bit). Once I get my system down, I'll try to do a complete surround view. At the moment, my setup is just too crude. You can see that the different layers don't match up very well... I'll have to get that together.

However, on the main level, this one is full 360, unlike the last one. The trick is to spin it yourself. If you just let the program do it, it jumps between levels and it gets messy.


Hope this works for you. Of course, the file is considerably larger than the last one. If Apple still made Quicktime VR Authoring Studio, I'd use that instead, to keep my files smaller. But they don't as far as I can tell.... they've let 3rd parties take over :(

- Matt
This is just fantastic! When you get this perfected, will you give us a tutorial? I have a besseae in spike and I want to give it a try.
Far out - I made it dance a little boogey :)

I'm for the tutorial but probably don't have a plant for which I should dedicate the time.

Great (flash) work. :)

Very well done - I can't do this here without spilling bark all over the place
Good job, Mark. Earlier in the thread, you asked about the background. I do notice that on several of the frames, when the flower is on both the right and left sides, that some of the backgrounds are varying degrees of very dark. Most of the time, though, it's black.

I don't know about Apple's QuickTime VR authoring, but I think in their QuickTime Pro program, you might be able to do that.

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