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Wanted ⁹Blue vanda

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What you may be looking for are hybrids with Vanda coerulea in the background. But if I were you, I would hold off ordering anything until the warm weather returns. It is true that Vanda coerulea and its hybrids can take cooler temperatures, perhaps in the low 50’s even in shipment. But I personally would be hesitant that if they were exposed for several hours in the upper 30’s to mid 40’s, would that harm them? I would not chance it.

I grew a Vanda Sansei Blue once, V. Crimson Glory x V. Coerulea. Flowers were huge and plant was easy to grow and flower. It was awarded an 81 point AM.
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Does anyone know of a light blue vanda that has larger flowers and an even blue coloration? Orchidweb had one for an arm and a leg but way to exspensive.
I would drop an email to Motes or R F orchids and be very specific about what background you are looking for… Start your search there and see what they recommend, could be some choice seedlings available if you don’t mind waiting a few years.