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Jon in SW Ohio

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Jun 9, 2006
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Springboro, Ohio
Not the best picture, but thought it was worth sharing since it shows why Schomburgkias are not windowsill orchids. I stand 5' 11", and this spike still has another foot at least to grow. This photo was taken at my good friend and orchid mentors house, and is unfortunately not my plant. We're not positive of the ID since the last time it was in spike it was damaged half way down and died. But from the look of the plant I would wager it is Schomburgkia tibicinis. I'll update when it is in bloom.


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two, each of which is about the size of a dime...
no, i'm just kidding.
i don't know how many flowers, but i do know their inflorescenses get really long.
They make a cluster of flowers on the end of the spike and continue to bloom sequentially for a while. Usually it will have about 5 or more flowers open at once and as the lower ones fall, the newer ones open.

The flowers are what I would call "average" sized for a Cattleya...not small like Sophronitis and not huge like the big floofy hybrids. The lip is neat looking though.

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